About Us

Moria Manufacturing is your partner in custom manufacturing of high quality parts. We specialize in precision turned and milled components utilizing our CNC and inspection equipment.


Wide Capability Scope

Our current equipment lineup allows us to help you with projects ranging from 1-20,000 parts. Our experience machining a wide variety of materials from aluminum to titanium and super alloys allows us to tackle most jobs. We would be happy to take a look and see how we can help you grow.

Current machines


Quality Assurance

We consider inspection to be perhaps the most important part of the manufacturing process. We have an array of inspection equipment ranging from basic calipers, gages, to a Zeiss Duramax CMM. We can inspect every part or we can use statistical process control to inspect your parts in a manor that suits your needs. This could be inspecting every part or every 10th part etc.


A Lasting Partner

Our goal is to provide a complete solution for your business. Our connections with other local business, such as heat treatment facilities, anodizers, and metal finishers, allow us to provide complete solutions rather than just machined parts.