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Moria Manufacturing is your partner in contract manufacturing of high quality parts. We specialize in precision turned and milled components utilizing our CNC and inspection equipment. Our current equipment lineup allows us to help you with projects ranging from 1-2000 parts. Need a one off or a quick prototype made? Need a production job or short run of parts? We would be happy to take a look and see how we can help you grow.
We have experience machining various materials such as aluminum, bronze, tool steels, stainless steels, titanium, super alloys, plastics and more.
 Our goal is to provide a complete solution for your business. Our connections with other local business, such as heat treatment facilities, anodizers, and metal finishers, allow us to provide complete solutions rather than just machined parts.


We are not currently an ISO 9001 shop. However we consider inspection to be perhaps the most important part of the manufacturing process. We have an array of inspection equipment ranging from basic calipers, gages, to a Nikon optical comparator and a Brown and Sharpe CMM. We can inspect every part or we can use statistical process control to inspect your parts in a manor that suits your needs. This could be inspecting every 10th part or every 100th part. 



Current Equipment List:

CNC Turning:
Miyano BNC-34C:
2 axis high accuracy chucker lathe, 1 5/16" (34mm) thru bore, Max turning diameter 3" (75mm),  Max turning length 7 7/8" (200mm)
Nakamura Tome SC-250:
4 axis high accuracy multi-tasking lathe, live tooling, sub spindle, Iemca bar loader, 2 1/2" (65mm) thru bore, Max turning diameter main spindle 11.8" (300mm), Max turning length 19.7" (500mm)
CNC Milling:
Brother Speedio S700X1:
High speed 3 axis machining center, BT-30 16k RPM spindle, X travel 27.6" (700mm), Y travel 15.7" (400mm), Z travel 11.8" (300mm), 2100IPM rapids. 
Inspection Equipment:
Nikon V-10 Profile projector with 0.00005" resolution micrometer heads
Mitutoyo height gage
Mitutoyo calipers from 6" to 12"
Mitutoyo digital micrometers with 0.00005" resolution from 0" to 4"
Mitutoyo 0.0001" resolution Bore gages from 0.25" to 3"
Vermont class ZZ gage pins
Extensive selection of class 2 and 3 thread gages both external and internal 
Ancillary Equipment:
60W CO2 laser: X travel 27.5" (700mm), Y travel 19.68" (500mm)
Prusa I3 MK3s 3d printer: X travel 9.84" (250mm), Y travel 8.3" (210mm), Z travel 8.3" (210mm)
Prusa Mini 3d printer: X travel 7" (180mm), Y travel 7" (180mm), Z travel 7" (180mm)
Sunnen hone
Hardinge DV-59 manual lathe
Johnson Model J horizontal bandsaw (10" round, 18" flat capacity)
In house powder coating booth and oven.